FACT CHECK: Mike Pence presses a distorted case on economic system

WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence and fellow Republicans pressed a distorted case Wednesday that President Donald Trump took over a moribund economic system from Barack Obama and supercharged it. That’s now not what took place.

Speakers on the Republican National Convention additionally hailed Trump for safeguarding the medical insurance of folks with preexisting sickness, flipping fact on its head as his management tries to overturn the regulation that promises the ones protections.

A have a look at how one of the vital the rhetoric from the conference’s 3rd evening compares with the details:


PENCE: “Four years ago we inherited … an economy struggling to break out of the slowest recovery since the Great Depression. … In our first three years we built the greatest economy in the world.”

THE FACTS: That’s a extremely deceptive portrait. Obama began the longest growth in U.S. historical past and prevailed over maximum of it.

The growth used to be certainly gradual, however enlargement below Trump has mainly been the similar: 2.3% within the ultimate 4 years of Obama when put next with 2.5% within the first 3 years of Trump. Trump took place of work with unemployment at a low 4.7%, secure activity enlargement and a falling federal finances deficit.

And Trump’s document on financial enlargement is ready to get beaten via the present recession caused by the pandemic, a public-health disaster that the White House mentioned early on would now not harm the economic system.

GOV. KRISTI NOEM of South Dakota: “In just four years, President Trump has lifted people of all races and backgrounds out of poverty. He shrunk government and put money back into the pockets of hardworking, ordinary Americans.”

THE FACTS: Only that is true: Americans did get a reimbursement within the type of tax cuts and in direct executive bills after the economic system plunged right into a recession this 12 months from the coronavirus.

Everything else is incorrect. The executive continues to be large, now not shrinking as she mentioned. Federal spending used to be 20.6% of the gross home product in 2016, Obama’s closing 12 months, in keeping with the White House Office of Management and Budget. That share has long past up and down however used to be 20.8% in 2019. It more than likely surged this 12 months because of the quickest and sharpest downturn in trendy U.S. historical past.

The pandemic-induced recession has additionally flung hundreds of thousands of Americans again into poverty — as expanded executive help has expired. The unemployment charge is 10.2%, as opposed to 4.7% when Trump took place of work. There are 14.Eight million Americans accumulating jobless help, whilst simply 2 million have been doing so when Trump become president.


PENCE: “When asked whether he’d support cutting funding to law enforcement, Joe Biden replied, ‘Yes, absolutely.’ Under President Trump, we will always stand with those who stand on the thin blue line, and we’re not going to defund the police.”

THE FACTS: That’s deceptive, a selective use of Biden’s phrases at the topic. Biden does now not suggest defunding the police, however relatively giving them more cash, conditioned on enhancements in policing. Biden’s exact place in this has been neglected on the GOP conference.

Pence is regarding an excerpted video clip of Biden’s dialog with liberal activist Ady Barkan. In the fuller dialog, Biden declined to strengthen defunding police, his constant stance.

Barkan raises the problem of police reform and asks whether or not Biden would funnel cash into social products and services, psychological fitness counseling and reasonably priced housing to assist cut back civilian interactions with police. Biden responds that he’s calling for more cash for psychological fitness suppliers however “that’s not the same as getting rid of or defunding all the police” and that more cash for neighborhood policing will have to be equipped, too.

Barkan asks: “So we agree that we can redirect some of the funding?” Biden then solutions “absolutely yes.”

Biden then provides the caveat that he method “not just redirect” federal cash doubtlessly however “condition” it on police enhancements. “If they don’t do away with…

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